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Why Coaching?

You may be wondering why we don’t just do the appeal for you, and that’s a great question. The answer is simple, and it boils down to time, money, and risk.

Residential properties are actually more labor intensive than commercial to determine if an appeal is necessary, because their value is mainly derived through sales, and that takes more time to figure out.

There’s also the risk for us, that your house is actually assessed correctly, and we won’t make any money after all the work.

Going through the appeal process is actually good practice for every homeowner, so that you’re familiar with not only how value is derived, but to know your rights as a property owner in Wisconsin.


What to Expect in a Coaching Call


When you schedule a call, we’ll collect certain information about your property so there’s no wasted time on the call.

We’ll begin by finding out the reasons you believe you’re over-assessed, and then talk about the comparable market properties we can find.

If we find good “comps”, then we’ll discuss how you can find the differences that might help you get the value reduction you’re looking for.

We’ll also discuss what makes a good presentation for the assessor, and finally, how to fill out the necessary paperwork to file an appeal, and all the steps available to you to make your case.


Represent Your Residential Property

  • Step 1 – Review the Details: We begin by collecting the necessary data for review.
  • Step 2 – Analyze the Collected Data: Determine if your collected data will benefit you in any way.
  • Step 3 – Prepare a Report: If your conclusion is that an appeal is worth the effort, prepare a report with all the right information.
  • Step 4 – Meet With the Assessor: After submitting a report as Agent, meet with the assessor to find out their information an reason for the assessed value.
  • Step 5 – File an Appeal: If you can’t come to an agreement with the assessor, then you’ll need to file an appeal by objecting to your assessment, and present your case before the Board of Review.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Is the call a video call, or a regular phone call?

The meeting is scheduled through Google Meet, and you’ll be provided a link to join by video, as well as a number that you can call in by phone if you wish.

However, a video call is more beneficial because I can screen share with you how to find comps, and forms that you will encounter during the appeal process.

Do I need any special software or access to special websites to do my research?

The answer is no, you can find everything you need from the assessor’s website, realtor websites, and the Department of Revenue.

Do I need a special program to generate a report for the assessor or Board of Review?

If you have a Microsoft or Gmail account, you should have everything you need to generate a report.

Personally, I’d use Excel or Sheets to make tables and calculations, and Word of Docs to create a presentation.

Do you supply any templates that I can use for reports?

At the moment, we don’t have templpates, but they are on the future plans for the services.

You can join our email list for future updates.

Is there a residential property that you will do the appeal for me?

In some instances we will perform the appeal for a residential property owner. The value of the property must be a minimum of $1,000,000 and we would also charge a minimum review fee regardless of the outcome.

How much would it cost for you to generate a report for me?

Right now we don’t generate reports for appeals that we don’t represent the property owner.

In the future, we may offer a self generating report, that you can use. 

Be sure to join our email list to keep up to date on all of our services.

Do you offer follow-up service to the initial coaching call?

Yes, we will answer up to three email questions after the call. 

After that, you’ll need to schedule another call.


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